The Journaling Train That Can Change Your Life

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32 thoughts on “The Journaling Train That Can Change Your Life”

  1. GOAL: develop the discipline to stay consistent on all the great things I do. [Backstory: I do plenty of great stuff but just not as consistent as I would like. So a bit of a flake to be honest. I want to change that so bad!! Oh, and I am easily distracted :-(]

  2. I have to clear a recruitment exam(it consists of 11 exams and one interview). The whole process of these exams itself takes 1 year. And i need one year atleast to prepare. So minimum 2 yrs needed to achieve the goal. I often get frustrated almost every third day. I think this video is going to be helpful. I'll try strategy journal. thank you so much

  3. I would like to get my black belt in karate by the time I turn 50. It's doable – I am purple belt now. However, I have torn my rotator cuff and that's putting a spanner in the works.But I will not quit, no matter what.

  4. I have to admit, I thought this was going to be a really bad journal exercise when you started explaining it, but I just started doing this exercise, and it's damn helpful.

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